Parents Volunteer Calendar

2019年4月 – 2019年8月/April 2019 – August 2019

2019年9月 – 2020年1月/September 2019 – January 2020


Parents Turn of Duty Responsibilities:

Remove any obstacles for practice such as bags and shoes. Take care and emergency response of club members who become sick or have injured.

Cut and graza –> Badage, taping, etc

Heat stroke or buise –> Use ice pack placed inside of first-aid box or use ice cubes brought by the person of Duty.

Serious injuries –> Find personal file from emergency file located at locker and contact parents. If unable to reach, follow the direction written on emergency file.

Emergency case such as clouded consciousness, heart arrest –> First call 911, life-saving measure by person such as coaches who has been taken CPR training.

Actions regarding to contacting parents, will be the same as mentioned above.

During the practice, one of parents on duty monitor Bogu group and the other monitor no Bogu. If any children are playing, please tell them to focus on practice.

Lead children to line up evenly for each teacher. If you can not come to your duty date, coordinate to swap with other parents. Also notify us via the contact form on the Columbus Kendo Club website.